The New RocketBolt Dashboard

The New RocketBolt Dashboard

While most of the country was watching the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, RocketBolt was quietly launching an important new feature. When you logged in Monday morning, hopefully you noticed our new Dashboard.

We built RocketBolt’s Dashboard to support a change in usage habits that’s been occurring since we launched our Notifications feature last month. Now that users can get immediate alerts about their leads no matter what else they’re doing on their computers, they’re spending less time in their activity feeds and more time in other parts of RocketBolt, like our email tracking, Simple CRM, and sales projects.

The new Dashboard promotes this trend by giving users a more flexible entrypoint. In addition, the Dashboard is a first step toward helping users get a “big picture” overview of all the different kinds of lead activity (and sales opportunities) being recorded inside RocketBolt.

Use Dashboard charts to get an instant read on how lead activity has been trending over the past week as well as what your fellow team members are working on. If you see a trend that looks interesting, the Dashboard gives you quick access to the relevant section of RocketBolt so you can easily take a closer look.

Check it out and let us know what you think via email, Facebook, or Twitter! We want to know how we can make the RocketBolt Dashboard a better tool for helping you keep track of sales leads and closing more deals.

Aaron Dinin

Aaron is RocketBolt's co-founder and lead backend developer. When he's not building the world's best digital sales assistant, you can find him teaching entrepreneurship courses at Duke University.