Support for Multiple Email Accounts

Support for Multiple Email Accounts

One of the most common but overlooked sales tactics we’ve noticed is how many sellers use multiple email accounts. While this can happen for lots of reasons, our favorite example comes from one RocketBolt user who pretends to be his own executive assistant in order to make himself look more important.

Whatever your reason for sending sales emails from multiple email accounts, you’ve probably been frustrated that no tools with email plugins -- tracking, CRM, automarketing, etc. -- connect with more than one email address. Instead, you have to pay for additional “seats,” and your data gets spread across different accounts.

As of today, you no longer have to worry about that with RocketBolt. Instead, inside your email tracking settings, you can attach additional email addresses to your primary RocketBolt account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able use RocketBolt’s Gmail or Outlook plugins with any email account, and all your email tracking activity and lead data will be stored in one convenient place.

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Bonus Feature: Enable/Disable By Default

If you’re the kind of person who sends occasional sales emails from your personal Gmail address, you probably don’t want all your personal emails tracked inside your company’s RocketBolt account.

Thanks to our new update, you won’t have to worry. We’ve made it possible to enable or disable RocketBolt tracking by default. Plus, you can have different defaults for each email addresses, meaning you can track all emails from your work account by default, then choose to enable RocketBolt inside your personal account only when you need it.

Aaron Dinin

Aaron is RocketBolt's co-founder and lead backend developer. When he's not building the world's best digital sales assistant, you can find him teaching entrepreneurship courses at Duke University.