Instant Notifications About Important Lead Activity

Instant Notifications About Important Lead Activity

RocketBolt’s real-time activity feeds are a great way to see lead activity instantly, but what if you’re not looking at your RocketBolt account? What if you’re in your email account, on a sales call, or sneaking a glance at your Instagram feed diligently logging meeting notes for your boss?

That’s why we’ve launched RocketBolt’s new Notifications feature. Notifications tell you about important lead activities -- like email opens, website visits, and news alerts -- the instant they happen no matter what else you’re doing on your computer.

Enabling Notifications

The easiest way to turn on RocketBolt Notifications is from the prompt at the top of your activity feed. If you dismiss the prompt and want to enable notifications later, you can do so in your account settings. Your account settings also let you to configure which kinds of notifications appear.

Note: Once you’ve clicked the button to turn on notifications, you’re not done. Notifications leverage a feature built into most modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), but you have to authorize them at the browser-level. After enabling notifications inside RocketBolt, look for a confirmation alert coming from somewhere near the top of your browser. Here’s what a confirmation alert looks like in Chrome:

Notification Types

RocketBolt has three different kinds of notifications. They should look familiar to current users because they parallel the three different RocketBolt activity feeds: Inbound; Outbound; and Email.

Here’s a closer look at each notification type:

Inbound Notifications

Inbound Notifications tell you about lead activity on your website. These notifications are usually high priority because they’re telling you about a lead who’s currently thinking about you and/or your product.

When they appear:

  • A lead activates on your website.
  • A lead clicks on a RocketBolt tracking link in one of your emails.
  • A lead returns to your website after at least 24 hours.

Clicking an Inbound Notification takes you to your lead’s profile page. You’ll instantly be able to see what the lead is doing on your website as well as view the entire history of your lead’s past activities.

Outbound Notifications

Outbound Notifications show relevant news or social media activity from the leads you’re monitoring in your account.

When they appear:

  • A monitored lead tweets/retweets something relevant to your interests.
  • A monitored lead is named in a news article.
  • The company of one of your monitored leads appears in the news.

Clicking a tweet notification takes you to the lead’s tweet so you can instantly reply, retweet, or like it. Clicking a retweet notification takes you to the original tweet that your lead retweeted. And clicking a news article about either your lead or a lead’s company takes you to the article.

Email Notifications

RocketBolt’s Email Notifications tell you when and how recipients are engaging with your emails.

When they appear:

  • A tracked email you’ve sent has been opened.
  • A link inside a tracked email you’ve sent has been clicked.

Clicking an Email Notification opens your email activity feed inside your RocketBolt account. Once in your account, you can see more details such as email recipients and how many times a link was clicked.

Have questions or comments about RocketBolt Notifications? Let us know on our Facebook page, reach out on Twitter, or send us an email.

Aaron Dinin

Aaron is RocketBolt's co-founder and lead backend developer. When he's not building the world's best digital sales assistant, you can find him teaching entrepreneurship courses at Duke University.