Check Out Our Improved Gmail Plugin

Check Out Our Improved Gmail Plugin

We’re excited because we just launched a HUGE update to RocketBolt’s Gmail plugin.

If you’re already using RocketBolt’s Gmail Plugin, you’re probably thinking: “That’s awesome! How do I get the new version?” Here’s the thing… you already have it. Our Chrome plugin for Gmail updates itself automatically, which means you’ve probably been using the new plugin for a few days without even realizing it.

So now you may be thinking: “But I haven’t noticed any differences. What’s so great about this ‘HUGE’ update?”

The update of RocketBolt’s Gmail plugin has been entirely on the backend. We’ve completely replaced the old infrastructure with the amazing InboxSDK in order to improve reliability, increase speed, and, most importantly, make it easier to add new features.

Because we were making such major changes behind the scenes, our goal was to change absolutely nothing about the user experience in order to avoid accidentally breaking something that had been working perfectly. So if you didn’t notice anything, that means we’ve done our job right.

In the coming months we’re going to be introducing some significant Gmail plugin upgrades that you’ll definitely notice. RocketBolt users will soon be able to access RocketBolt’s lead and tracking data inside of Gmail. Additionally, you’ll be able to track leads, add notes, and update CRM data without having to leave your inbox.

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Aaron Dinin

Aaron is RocketBolt's co-founder and lead backend developer. When he's not building the world's best digital sales assistant, you can find him teaching entrepreneurship courses at Duke University.