This 5 Second Trick Will Make Your Emails 10x More Effective

This 5 Second Trick Will Make Your Emails 10x More Effective

The first time you email a sales prospect, include a link to your website in the opening sentence. For example, when I email someone for the first time, my emails always begin like this:

Hi [Person’s Name],

I’m Aaron Dinin, Co-Founder of RocketBolt. I’m writing because…

Easy, right? Takes less than 5 seconds to create that link, and, since links in the first sentence of an email get a 73% higher clickthrough rate than any other link in an email, the ROI is enormous.

Here are just a few of the reasons you want to include that link and get your email recipients to click it:

1) Sell more by sending shorter emails

By replacing a long, wordy company description with a link, you’ll shorten your emails, and short emails get a whopping 82% higher response rate. Plus, compared to a text-based description, your website will do a better job of selling your product.

2) Leverage ad retargeting

Even when prospects don’t respond to your emails, once they click the link to your website, you can use retargeted advertising on platforms like Google and Facebook. Retargeted ads are up to 6x more effective than traditional behavioral advertising.

3) Track users on your website

By using RocketBolt’s Gmail plugin, you can track the website activity of anyone who clicks your links. You’ll know what pages they’re looking at and how long they’re spending on each page. Plus, RocketBolt alerts you the moment that person returns to your site. Whether six days have passed since their last visit, or six months, RocketBolt tells you when your sales prospects are on your website, which means they’re actively interested in your product and ready to buy.

Aaron Dinin

Aaron is RocketBolt's co-founder and lead backend developer. When he's not building the world's best digital sales assistant, you can find him teaching entrepreneurship courses at Duke University.