5 Cold Emailing Hacks To Turn Good Prospecting Emails Into Amazing Prospecting Emails

5 Cold Emailing Hacks To Turn Good Prospecting Emails Into Amazing Prospecting Emails

The web is littered with dozens of articles about how to compose good cold sales prospecting emails, but this isn’t one of those posts. This is a post with 5 amazing email hacks that, while subtle, can help turn your “good” emails into hyper-effective sales prospecting gold.

Hack #1: Send emails on Saturdays

Here’s what you’re thinking: “What do you mean Saturday!?!?! No one works on Saturdays. Stop wasting my time!”

Here's what you should be thinking: "It's Saturday! No one else is working today, so no one else is sending emails. This is the perfect opportunity!"

These days, lots of people -- especially decision makers -- get work emails on their phones. That means messages get through seven days a week. And, because no one else is sending messages on Saturdays, you’ll be competing with less inbox noise.

Bonus tip: Explain why you’re sending the email on Saturday by writing: "Sorry for emailing on a Saturday, but I wanted to make sure we connected, and this seemed like the best way to cut through all the spammy inbox clutter you probably have to deal with." You'll distance yourself from the other marketing emails he's getting while demonstrating an ability to think strategically -- a helpful association for your recipient to connect with you, your company, and your product.

Hack #2: Use only your first name in the email sender field

If you have a relatively common first name -- Matt, Dave, Heather, etc. -- edit your email client so it only includes your first name as the email sender.

Sometimes users will recognize the name, think the sender is someone they already know, and immediately open the email without bothering to look at your subject line.

Hack #3: Add “Re:” in the subject line

This old Spammer hack works great in prospecting emails! By adding “Re:” to the beginning of a subject line, you can get your reader to think he’s participating in an ongoing thread, which can make him more likely to open an email.

Be careful with this tactic. You risk successfully getting the recipient to open your email, only to annoy her when she realizes you used a deceptive subject line.

Instead, write the email as though it actually is a continuation of a conversation. You may even want to reference a prior email (even though you didn't send one) so your recipient assumes she accidentally overlooked it.

Hack #4: Include fake recipients

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a powerful motivator. You can create FOMO by also sending your next prospecting email to four or five fake email accounts you control.

Instead of addressing your prospect, write your email as though you’re reaching out to a small group of related people from different companies. Then send the email to your prospect and the dummy email accounts.

An hour later, begin responding positively from the other accounts and watch as your prospect joins in because he doesn’t want to be the only person missing out.

Hack #5: Give something for free

If you’ve ever read Influence by Robert Cialdini’s, you know people are motivated to respond positively to a request when you start by giving them something. And yet, most of your cold prospecting emails are probably only making an “ask,” right?

Can you give something for free in your email before requesting a call/meeting/coffee/etc.? If the prospect is particularly valuable, send a $5 gift card to Starbucks. If not, send a funny video. Or just share an article they might find interesting... like this one!

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